Medical Records Summarization Services

Medical records are usually voluminous and complex, and a lot of time and resources are required to thoroughly review these records.

Medical Summarization provides a clear and concise essence of medical records, which allows Medico-Legal review companies to focus on critical areas and quicker resolution of cases. The records are categorized as either narrative summary or chronological summary according to the requirement. Medical records summarization and organization is vital for settlement, especially of insurance claims and litigations related to Workers’ Compensation.

Eliscription facilitates insurance claim settlements and medico-legal cases by providing effective summarization that suits individual needs. Our Medical Records Review specialists are adept at appropriate retrieval, logical organization, and accurate summarization of data, which aids easy access and efficient case review.

Medical Record Summarization

Value-driven Medical Record Summaries

Our accurate narrative summaries provide a clear, concise review of the entire sequence of events as they are processed by trained experts who understand complex medical issues and are experienced in summarization, review of medical data and presentation. 

Eliscription also provides medical record summary, concise chronological summary in timeline form.

We save our clients’ time and money by reducing the resources utilized for summarization. This allows our clients to focus on more critical tasks for speedy resolution of cases and attending to more crucial matters.

Narrative Summary
Narrative summaries are of utmost importance in resolving litigations. The narrative summaries include citations to the medical record for easy reference.

They can be relied upon for quick access to medical information, such as for deposition preparation and law & motion practice, and assist in quicker resolution of cases.

Our accurate narrative summaries briefly capture and highlight all the major medical events that define the course of a case including diagnostic procedures, office visits and consultations, therapy visits and other pertinent medical records in a chronological order. Pertinent positive as well as negative findings are captured in Narrative Summaries depending on the client requirements to demonstrate temporal changes in a patient’s medical condition.

Medical Chronology

Medical Chronologies are Key Resources in resolving Medico-Legal disputes.

Our team of experts can create a timeline with meticulous specifications and appropriate naming of records. This means if you need a sequence of events arranged minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day or just a general overview, we can process as per the requirement and summarize unlimited number of pages efficiently and accurately. The use of timelines provides a temporal-visual view of events.

We offer a 48-hour to 1-week turnaround time based on customer needs and expedite the work as necessary.

Each record is hyperlinked, allowing the viewer to access instantly the required record.

Critical clinical information and key facts are presented utilizing standard or customized templates as per client specifications.

Hallmarks of Eliscription Summarization


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