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We provide transcription services for a variety of audio output formats – providing you with a high degree of flexibility. We provide complete range of English language based voice transcription services from audio and online voice files (including .MP3, .DSS and .WAV files).
We receive audios through our Dictation and Document Management System as well as client-provided transcription system, which enables us to perform the transcription. For a nominal additional cost, our telephone dictation system allows you to record your dictation and upload the files through our Transcription Management System. Simply login with the credentials given to you, dictate, and follow the instructions provided, which will upload the files to our Document Management System. We prefer not to accept files sent via email for security reasons.

After transcribing your file, the transcripts are uploaded onto your account on our secure Transcription Management System. The transcript can also  be downloaded from our Transcription Management System or be integrated into your system for direct delivery with nominal additional cost.

We offer a standard TAT of between 12 to 24 hours. We also offer a  stat TAT of 2 to 8 hours.

We have a Quality Assurance team to check each document and deliver it error free. We employ only the highest caliber transcriptionists/ editors/ QAs and have made a considerable investment in our staff. We train transcriptionists either through our internal training system (which is of 6 months) or hire lateral associates with minimum 2 years of experience. Lateral candidates go through an initial testing followed by an intensive 6-week induction training program to qualify for production environment.

We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
Eliscription is an established Indian Company having served many clients since 1999.
Electronic Wire Transfer is the accepted payment method.
We are here to assist you.

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