Call Management Documentation Services

24/7 after-hours and daytime Call Management Documentation services

One of the important areas of healthcare documentation which is vital for continuity of care is documentation of healthcare related calls or patient calls. It is important to capture timely and accurate documentation of the communication as it reflects clinical decision-making, support actions taken, and provides for safe continuum of care. Lack of documentation could lead to incomplete patient database, which can lead to potential adverse consequences even when standards of care are met. Call documentation assists in timely treatment and follow-up and obviates the need of answering services, which involve high costs, long hold time and may be fraught with errors. 

Comprehensive and concise documentation serves first to promote a continuum of care; in addition it demonstrates the process of critical thinking upon which doctors base their actions. It is also important to communicate with the patient’s physician when covering for another physician to ensure everyone involved in the patient’s care is kept informed.

With Our 24/7 After Hours Call Management Services, you can eliminate patient hold times or missing important calls, and improve response time.

We understand it is not possible for the healthcare providers to respond immediately at all times, specifically after-hours and during peak clinic hours. Managing high inbound call volume is a challenge faced by healthcare providers on a daily basis and there is every possibility that critical calls are not attended to immediately. 

Our 24/7 call management documentation services help healthcare providers manage and maintain call documentation, both during and after the clinic hours, thus improving patient care. With 2 plus decades of experience in Healthcare Documentation, we provide accurate reports and assure that our services meet and exceed the agreed service level agreements. Our continual focus on accuracy and consistency is critical for our customers.
We provide accurate verbatim documentation which includes all the details involving patient name, date of birth, primary provider, and message. These details not only help in providing immediate patient care, but also in tracking and maintaining complete medical records. This detailing can be enhanced further as per the client’s requirements.
Top-notch Documentation Quality with Quick Turnaround Time

Our Healthcare Documentation Specialists are trained in documenting any call, patient or non-patient call, and provide accurate, appropriate as well as effective documentation with a quick turnaround time of 10-15 minutes. We meet these standards by continual training which forms the backbone of our healthcare documentation services. Our training team comprises of English language & medical specialists who have the necessary expertise to understand and impart medical documentation training.

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